Thomcord Grapes

For breakfast there is nothing like a good glass of classic concord grape juice or concord grape jelly on toast. So if you like the juice or jelly, wouldn’t you also like the grapes? Well the only problem is that concord grapes have seeds.

However today you can have all the great concord flavor without the seeds thanks to the Thomcord Grape.

The Thomcord Grape is a cross between the classic Concord and Thompson Seedless varieties. It is dark purple to black color and seedles
s. They taste like the essence of grape, that plummy, dark jelly with notes of red wine and perfume.

Thomcords are packed in 1 pound clamshells and shipped in containers of 20.

Don't take our word for it. Follow the links to articles written about the Thomcord and the creative ways it has been used.

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